September 26, 2022
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Why You Should Trademark Your Motivational Speaker Services

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Why You Should Trademark Your Motivational Speaker Services

Sharing your passion and knowledge to help others succeed is what drives you. Motivating people to face challenges and changes to achieve their goals confidently is energizing and satisfying. Once you decide that being a motivational speaker is for you, how do you attract your audience? Why should they seek you out when the information is freely available through research?

Distinguish Yourself

If potential clients can get the information without you, you must give them a good reason to choose you. Establish your credentials as an expert on the subject. Identify and engage with your target audience in all available venues and create your unique brand image.

But, how can you accomplish this?

The most effective way to establish your presence and uniqueness in the marketplace is to trademark your intellectual property. 

You have particular life experiences that provide insight into your niche audience. These experiences and the knowledge you gain through them support your bona fides and attract clients. Your fans are drawn to you because they believe your experience, knowledge, unique systems, and programs will lead them to success.

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What to Trademark as a Motivational Speaker

Your products and services are singular to you. Trademarks reinforce your brand and protect your business’s reputation and income. And while you cannot trademark public information, you should trademark your company name, logos, taglines, products, and services. 

Imagine that your niche audience is urban organic farmers, and you speak to motivate their sustainable efforts. Organic farming has been around forever, and sustainability is a global initiative. 

How can you trademark your work?

Create a system or program specific to your brand. 

Incorporate all the publicly available information you wish, blend in your insights and give your system a name. The process you develop and the programs you create to support your audience in achieving their goals are unique products specific to your brand that you can now trademark.

Let’s say you call your system “Greener Home Gardens” and create several “Renewable Bounty” workshops for specific subjects within your system. Ideally, each component of your system, the graphic representations, and promotional products will sport a registered trademark.

You have too much on the line in developing your brand, concepts, and materials to leave them unprotected from theft or misrepresentation.

Acquiring Your Trademark

Trademarks are allocated via the Nice Agreement of 1957, establishing international standards for trademark classifications. Motivational speaking falls within Class 041, which covers entertainment and education.

You will need to apply for your Class 041 trademark through the USTPO. Few entrepreneurs have staff lawyers or experts to aid them through this arduous and often confounding process. Trademark laws are notoriously complex and can be subjective in many ways. It can take many years to gain the knowledge and experience to navigate the system successfully.

Unless you are an avid gambler, you will likely be unsuccessful without expert support or knowledge. You will probably need to file a second trademark application and hope for the best.

Given the demands on your time and the weight of inflation, you can probably ill afford the added costs and workload.
The good news is that none of this has to happen.

You can handle all that work, legal, research, response letters, communications, and all the hassle by proxy with the Trademark Factory®.

With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have the full backing of our expert trademark attorneys and support staff. We will do the research and file your application, respond to inquiries and shepherd your application to a successful result for a guaranteed flat rate.

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Building a business requires dedication and a strong will to succeed. Living a positive and healthy life is much the same. As a motivational speaker, you have the gift to help others in these situations arise to become their best.

Sharing your message and providing programs your clientele appreciates brings value to your audience and, by extension, to the community. In other words, you deliver value. Protect that value, guard against copycats, and promote your message with robust trademark protections.

Get your free Trademark Factory® consultation and learn more about the savings and protections available with our flat rate guarantee of trademark success.


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