October 4, 2023
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How Much Are Your Time and Brand Worth?

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How Much Are Your Time and Brand Worth?

You’ve been working tirelessly to create something people truly appreciate and desire. However, you recognize that you need to protect what you’ve been working on. It’s getting to the point where you need to register the name and logo that sets apart your business from everyone else’s in the market. This is where your time and brand worth comes in. 

You fill out all the documentation to the best of your abilities, pay the fees, and submit your information to register your vital trademark. However, the USPTO rejects your filing. The name you chose is already in use or is too similar to an existing trademark.

Now, you need to start over and find a new name. All packaging, marketing materials, and anything else produced with “your” name and logo must now be replaced. 

How much time did you spend putting all of that together?

This scenario is one of many simple mistakes and issues that can force a complete brand reset. Along with the expense of redeveloping your name and materials, you must also pay to file a new trademark registration request.

How much time did you spend on your first application?

Registering your trademark will take anywhere from nine months to three years or maybe even more. The USPTO examining attorney may issue one or more office actions letters that outline substantive reasons for refusal, requiring your official response within six months.

If you cant meet the challenge or fail to respond, your registration is abandoned, you lose all fees, and must begin anew; Talk about a monumental waste of time and money.

How much did you say your time is worth? And what about all of that money that just went down the drain?     

Even if you have legal staff, it is still your time and money. Your trademarks must comply with the rules and regulations of the USPTO that most people are unaware of. Keeping up with these governmental regulations is time-consuming and costly.

Leave It to Trademark Factory®

If you want to be certain of building a brand you can actually own, Trademark Factory®’s 100% money-back guarantee is your best guarantee of success.

First, we do an in-depth search to confirm that your application does not infringe on existing trademarks. This search can be a lengthy process that many often neglect. 

Challenges like finding the right name and logo or facing multiple responses to office actions can be overwhelming even to larger enterprises.

With over a decade in business and thousands of satisfied clients, Trademark Factory® has the experience and resources required to eliminate any issues with your trademark. Trademark Factory®’s 100% money-back guarantee is completely unique in the market, and it’s our promise to you that everything will be handled.

Let Trademark Factory® manage all name searches, office action responses, and every other challenge to your registration for one flat fee. If you cannot register your trademark, you will receive a full refund. Or, you can choose to have us continue searching to find the perfect name that you can register.

At Trademark Factory®, we understand the value of what your brand is worth. We handle the entire trademarking process for you so you can focus on building your business. 

Choose the best service for your brand. Choose Trademark Factory®.


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