March 28, 2023

What to Trademark – Finding the Right Strategy


What to Trademark – Finding the Right Strategy

You want to protect your brand; ideally, every element in your branding is trademarkable, and your budget can handle all the fees. But is it necessary to use this strategy and spend all of that money?

While the answer to this in a perfect world would be yes, the reality is much different. Registering your trademark won’t be cheap, but it is very valuable.

The Cost to Register Your Trademark

The first layer of costs is governmental fees. These vary from country to country and typically reflect the number of products and classifications you are registering. Plus, you may encounter additional expenses during the trademarking process. All of these governmental fees are unavoidable.

If you are filing on your own, there is no further charge to file; you pay with your time. However, this could be pretty costly unless you are familiar with the process and will likely not prove successful.

Usually, entrepreneurs hire a service such as Trademark Factory® to facilitate their filing. Unlike our unique all-inclusive flat rate, other services typically charge a base rate adding individual fees for each inevitable step in the process. With Trademark Factory®’s all-inclusive program, you know what your costs are from the beginning.

Although it makes sense to protect all of your brand assets, most companies and entrepreneurs must prioritize their trademark filings for optimal protection.

It may be wise to register a combined mark using your icon or logo with a stylized version of your name if your budget is tight. Doing so will provide some level of protection for your brand, but you should continue with a strategy to register each essential brand element.

The Many Facets of Trademark Registration

You may need to register multiple versions of your name and logo to emphasize specific color and no color, likewise your brand name. Each product you offer, taglines, and in some cases, your hashtags can and probably should sport a registered trademark.

The brand elements you choose to trademark, and your strategy for that process, come down to budget and which of these are registrable. Determining the right strategy and priorities can be critical in protecting your brand, reputation, and livelihood. These determinations are essential for startups and entrepreneurs who do not usually have a legal staff or substantial funding.


Registering a trademark takes time and can be a substantial investment in your brand and its future. Trademark Factory®, with our all-inclusive flat-rate package, guarantees trademark registration. Additionally, we handle all office actions and other communications throughout the registration process.

We take on this vital and burdensome process so that you and your key staff can continue developing your brand and providing for your customers. We do what we do best so that you can continue doing what you do best.

Trademark Factory® is here to help you build and protect your brand, so please take advantage of our services and schedule a free call with one of our professional trademark advisors. 

Find out how Trademark Factory® can make your life easier while protecting your hard work and investment.

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