July 6, 2022

Top 5 Reasons to Register Your Trademark

register your trademark

Top 5 Reasons to Register Your Trademark

Trademarks are more pervasive than you may think they are in a person’s routine. The brands you encounter on a daily basis, such as Q-tips, Coca-Cola, and even FedEx, have trademarked names that distinguish them from competitors. But what these global brands have in common is that they have put together a cohesive brand identity that has made them unique. Read on for reasons to register your trademark. 

Trademark registration was instrumental in helping these brands achieve their status today. Since every entrepreneur has big goals for their business, we recommend that you start on that journey by first trademarking your intellectual property.

Still on the fence about putting in the work of trademarking your brand? We have summarized the best reasons for you to take this route.

1. Trademarks protect your brand from various legal issues.

Without registered trademarks, you risk having to change your brand’s most recognizable aspects later on. Existing businesses that have registered trademarks with the same name, logo, tagline, product title, and the like can file lawsuits against your company.

Registering your trademarks also protects your business from infringers who might imitate various points of your brand identity to fool customers into buying fake products.

2. Trademarks strengthen your marketing efforts.

The process of registering your trademarks involves research and brainstorming to find the appropriate name, symbols, and taglines to represent your business. A cohesive brand identity supports your marketing strategy by being a guide towards the proper tone, style, and aesthetic for your publicity materials.

And we’re sure you’ve seen brands that have those little ® symbols beside their names. Registered brands offer an air of authority and authenticity that other brands do not, giving their products an extra push that gets people to take a second look.

3. Trademarks facilitate customer loyalty.

Every market has plenty of players trying to capture a solid customer base. When you register your trademark, you gain assurance that your brand identity is unique to you. This gives customers an easier time telling your products apart from your competitor’s. Good brand recognition presents a crucial opportunity for your business to capture the right customers and keep them interested in your offerings.

4. Registered trademarks convey professionalism.

Registering your trademark tells everyone that you are serious about investing your time and effort into your concept. It acts as an assurance to potential investors and partners that you are taking necessary measures to protect your products and their investment into your business.

It also gives you a leg up when recruiting new employees. Remember that candidates do their own research before applying to companies. When they see that your brand makes a solid statement, they will perceive your business as offering not only legitimate, but also promising work opportunities.

5. Trademarks are yours forever.

Finally, your trademarks are yours for good. In the United States, trademarks require renewal between the fifth and sixth anniversary of registration. After this, the U.S. only requires renewals every 10th anniversary of registration.

Trademarks are valuable assets that require commitment, so you need a good team to ensure that you are making the right decisions to grow your brand. Let the Trademark Factory® help you achieve your goals!

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